Required System Environment

Your computer with NVIFDA is going to contain confidential information so we recommend to use new computer to avoid unexpected environment issues such as virus, malware as well as hardware failure.

Client Computer (Stand Alone)

Operating System: Windows 10+
CPU: Intel Core i7 +
System Memory (RAM): 8GB+
Hard Disk: 500GB+ free space SSD
Network Speed:100Mbps
Screen: 1280x1024, "32-bit True Color“
Google Chrome version 110 or later

Server Computer (Client-Server)

Operating System: Windows Server 2019
CPU: XEON 2.2 GHz 8 Core +
System Memory (RAM): 16GB+
Hard Disk: 1TB free space
Network Speed: 1GBps
(Sample Budgetary)
Desktop DELL Vostro V3670-W268956109THW10 Price : 17,400 THB
Notebook Dell Inspiron 3480-W566014115WTHW10 : 19,400 THB
(Sample Budgetary)
Server Dell PowerEdge T30 E3-1225v5 (SNST30PRO) Price : 20,900 THB

Network and LAN

(1) Stand Alone

(2) Client-Server

For high security concern, we recommend to setup network for NVIFDA privately without sharing with another department.

Installation Process

Dataflow Diagram

Video Demo